This isn’t just an ordinary wine opener! The Cork Pops legacy brings even more fun to opening your favourite bottle of wine. Just as genius as the original Cork Pops Wine Opener but upgraded to be easier to use than ever before. Easily remove the foil with the built in foil cutter. Simply insert the needle straight through the cork, press once and the cork safely pops out! The patented cork ejector and redesigned, easy to grip rubber finish make opening wine as easy as it should be, while the sleek black outer means it's a stylish asset to any kitchen or home bar.


If you are anything like me, I am always looking for fun and innovative ways to spice up my wine drinking time, making my life a little easier in the process.

Ever looked in the kitchen drawer and saw that, tatty, loose old corkscrew, starting to tarnish now with age and use, and remember the laborious twisting of the handle, grinding the metal into the bottle while gripping the neck for all you were worth, only to have the damned cork split right down the middle and refuse to come out?

Or the ultimate sin of sins to an Oenophile, a blunt corkscrew that just bounces off the cork and does nothing but spins around and around, tickling the surface.

With the Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener, all that is a thing of the past!  

This innovative new gadget makes opening a bottle of your favourite wine, quick, convenient, painless and, perhaps the most important thing of all, fun.

All you do is simply insert the needle into the cork, making sure that it goes straight down and right through the cork, press once and the cork pops out!

You can go from foil wrapped to open in seconds as The Cork Pops Legacy offers an enhanced foil wrap removal system alongside its innovative cork ejector.  

As truly visionary as the original, but enhanced with new technology, The Cork Pops Legacy is a  brilliant update of the original Cork Pops Wine Opener.

This stylised piece is designed to fit all standard wine bottles including the newer models with the flanged lip.  

With its rubberised, black, streamlined, easy grip finish it would look fabulous in anyone’s kitchen.  

In fact, it looks so good, who would want to hide it in a drawer?

Toss out your old wrist wrangler and update your tool drawer with this wonderfully handy little cork extractor.

How to use

Use the built in foil remover by clamping the sides and turning the Legacy, Remove the foil. Simply insert the needle straight through the cork, press once and the cork safely pops out! To remove the cork from the Legacy hold the top section and twist the bottom to remove the cork.